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Advice on how to grow vegetables from seed to harvest, care for them, protect them from diseases, and boost harvests. Natural treatments only!

Dandelion, more than just a weed

Dandelion is by far the most famous field flower in our temperate climates. It can be appreciated all season long from March to November, but, it must be said,

Scores of squash!

Easy to grow in the vegetable patch, Cucurbitaceae come in a great variety of fruits which we can savor from summer’s end to the beginning of spring.

Broadcast sowing

Broadcast sowing mostly relates to outdoor lawns and practically all covered sowing. Other outdoor plants can occasionally be sown in this manner

Regional planting calendar to maximize your vegetable patch – MetroFrance Edition

For those of you in France who want to absolutely maximize your vegetable productivity, it’s important to follow a rigorous planting calendar. For that, it’s important to realize that not all regions have the same climate and weather conditions. Indeed, the climate isn’t the same in all parts of France, and this has a direct […]
calendrier-plantation region

Snow peas for refreshing meals!

Snow pea is a variety of green peas for which the seed and the pod are eaten together. To savor them until you burst, plant some in your vegetable patch!
Pois gourmand

Spring sowing and planting

There it is! Spring! Rather than cramming to fit everything in a single month, stage your sowing and planting wisely to maximize your harvests and avoid spring burn-out.
semis de printemps

Preparing an organic square-foot vegetable patch

You’ll simply adore biting into the organic vegetables you’ve grown yourself – all the more because it won’t have cost you any heavy garden work at all! Preparing an organic square-foot vegetable patch is your key to this dream situation.
potager en carre bio

Sorrel, a unique taste

Sorrel is a delicious herb plant from which the leaves are eaten. Their acidic taste is quite distinctive.

Sowing in rows

This method, one of the most common, is widely used for growing vegetables. It is very easy to perform and is particularly well suited to outdoor sowing

Radish, an all-season favorite

Radishes are root vegetables that are absolutely delicious and famous for both their taste and the ease with which they are grown.

Curly endive, a great way to tickle your taste buds

Curly endive is a great way to tickle your taste buds It is sown in spring or summer and makes for a summer and fall harvest. Some varieties even hold throughout the winter. Growing it does demand special care, for example it must be blanched before eating. Read here all you need to know on […]

Sowing in seed holes

Sowing in seed holes is very similar to sowing in rows, the only difference is the number of seeds that are dropped into the rows.

Stock the pantry for winter

In the vegetable patch, summer is the season for harvests, but sowing still continues for lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables to ensure you’ve got produce for the winter.
legumes hiver

Covered sowing

Covered sowing is for all the seedlings prepared before April. Indeed, it would be too early to sow outdoors and your plants would risk freezing…

What is permaculture?

Rooted both in ancestral knowledge and in innovation, permaculture is the practice of reviewing and enhancing teachings of nature, aiming for food self-reliance and abundance.
permaculture definition

Bell pepper, a carnival of colors

Whether it be raw, cooked, hot or cold, savored fresh in bite-size snacks, in mixed salads or ice cream or simply baked to a golden color in the oven, summer fruits and vegetables are easy to cook.

Permaculture, nature is the ultimate teacher

Permaculture is the art of following biological insights gleaned from natural exchanges occurring in ecosystems to grow plants together on small, densely-populated surfaces. It actually ventures much further than pure biology and encompasses all questions searching to understand the relationship between mankind and creation.

Which vegetables to grow in winter?

There are several different vegetables that are hardy enough to the cold that you can still make the vegetable patch an enchanting place to be. Zoom in on kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, winter lettuce…
legumes hiver

Rototiller, scores of advantages

A rototiller is a very useful when starting a vegetable patch or lawn, and it also helps for tilling the soil, hoeing and cultivating or removing weeds. Whether the surface is large or small, a mini tiller or a rototiller will greatly ease any garden work

No-treat vegetable patch: easy peasy

Experiment with companion planting which has by now proven its effectiveness in organic gardening. It’s all pros and no cons: no treating and less work!
Potager facile

Lentil, from seed to harvest

Known and renowned for its nutritional properties, the lentil is an annual plant that is a cinch to grow in the garden.

Escarole, the little sister of curly endive

Escarole and curly endive were both bred from the chicory plant and can even be considered sisters. However, their appearance and taste both sets them apart. Escarole is a bit more hardy than curly endive, so when the first frost spells have come, it can still be savored a bit longer. Read everything you need […]

Near the summer vegetable bed

If the summer is hot, watch over the vegetable in the patch and take up these easy and organic habits to ensure you get a proper harvest.
legumes ete maladie

Sowing, different types of sowing

Who hasn’t yet dreamed of seeing a plant sprout in their garden, admiring the magic of a seed bursting forth and growing to become an entire plant? There is nothing that a gardener enjoys more than the pleasure of watching a seedling grow. This growing technique is actually very easy, and is often the most […]
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