Vegetable garden - page 2

Advice on how to grow vegetables from seed to harvest, with all the guidance you need to care for them, protect them from diseases, and boost harvests. Tips on watering them and guidelines for spacing, companion planting and an incentive to discover permaculture are all rich features in these pages.

Fennel, from seed to harvest

Fennel is a plant for which the roots are the part we eat and its nutritious and culinary value is exceptional. It is a very good summer vegetable.
Fennel growing in a vegetable patch.

No-stake tomatoes

Growing tomatoes without stakes allows for an abundant harvest: one plant will give you a production equivalent to three staked tomatoes.
tomate sans tuteur

Garlic, how to grow it

Garlic is a perennial vegetable plant which is a must-have in the vegetable patch. It craves sun.

Enjoying tomatoes in the garden

Biting into the juicy fragrant flesh of a home-grown tomato is within your reach if you have a little space in your vegetable patch.
tomate jardin

Watermelon, how to grow it best

The epitome of summer fruits, watermelon is easy to grow when it can receive all the summer sun it needs. From sowing to harvest, here are all the best practices to grow it.

Onions all year round

Fresh onions in spring, preserves in winter: plant onions in your vegetable patch to provide for year-round availability in the kitchen!