The Vegetable Patch - page 4

Advice on how to grow vegetables from seed to harvest, care for them, protect them from diseases, and boost harvests. Natural treatments only!

Corn salad, how to grow corn salad

Corn salad is an easy type of salad green that is easy to grow, requires little space and is open to all, even if all you’ve got is a balcony or terrace.
A few leaves of corn salad in the growing bed.

Around the summer vegetable bed

If the summer is hot, watch over the vegetables in the patch and take up these easy and organic habits to ensure you get a proper harvest.
Summer vegetables and tomato care

Planting eggplant, the first steps to start your crop off right

An easy veggie to grow, eggplant is a pleasure to eat as well. With its purple peel and white flesh, the summer-flavored fruit vegetable make our fests a true delight. Discover the most important step to grow this staple vegetable in your patch: planting.
Planting eggplant

White eggplant, different color, taste, feel… same care!

Thanks to a much softer flavor, white eggplant will add a touch of originality to your summer dishes. Discover 3 varieties and how to grow them! To learn more, read: Eggplant: easy care for abundant harvests Eggplant: 6 varieties to savor How and when to prune eggplant? White eggplant: what’s the difference vs purple? The […]
White eggplant varieties

Spring sowing and planting in the vegetable patch

Spring is a busy season for planting and sowing, busy as in “buzzy” since bees and insects have joined the show in the vegetable patch! You need to clean, sow, repot, transplant, and more if you want to harvest
Rows of lettuce and radish sowed and planted in a spring vegetables patch.

An effortless veggie garden

Want to grow your own vegetables, but you’re never home? If you’re one of the persons who can only visit their garden once a week or less, go for a self-managing vegetable patch!
Vegetable patch with no maintenance

Dandelion, more than just a weed

Dandelion is by far the most famous weed flower in our temperate climates. It can be appreciated all season long from March to November, but, it must be said,
Field full of dandelions

Lacinato kale, a swarthy, dark vegetable posing as an ornamental

Easy to grow, lacinato kale is also a tasty vegetable to cook with. Palm tree kale key facts Botanical name – Brassica oleracea acephala ‘Nero di Toscana’ Common name – Black Toscana, palm tree kale, dinosaur kale, black kale, palm tree kale
Lacinato kale leaves growing lush and tall

Seedless tomato varieties to grow in the vegetable patch

The small pits inside a tomato are the plant’s seeds. When you slice a fruit in half, the center of it is full of juice and small seeds. It’s possible to collect them, press out the juice, dry them, and sow them again in the following year. Did you know there were a few tomato […]
Seedless tomato variety

Pruning tomato plants, let those shears run loose!

Should you prune your tomato plants? Experts admit that both “Yes” and “No” work very well, so take your pick! Discover the advantages of each method, and learn to easily prune and shape your tomato plant.
Tips and tricks to get the pruning of your tomato plants right
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