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Advice on how to grow vegetables from seed to harvest, with all the guidance you need to care for them, protect them from diseases, and boost harvests. Tips on watering them and guidelines for spacing, companion planting and an incentive to discover permaculture are all rich features in these pages.

Growing vegetables with ready-made kits

A sprig of basil here, a couple oyster mushrooms or cherry tomatoes there… It’s possible to taste home-grown versions of these delicacies even if you live in an apartment!
potager pret-a-pousser

Purslane from seed to harvest

Wild or cultured purslane is a crawling plant that has leaves that are appreciated for their slightly lemony taste.

Chard, a fiber-rich vegetable

Chard or Swiss chard, sometimes known under the name of silverbeet, is a vegetable that is appreciated for its leaves and for the ribs or stems that bear them.

Mizuna cabbage, japanese greens

Mizuna looks like lettuce, it is very similar to arugula. A crunchy texture and peppery taste are what make it much sought after.
chou mizuna

Growing vegetables on your balcony, yes you can!

Persons living in an apartment also have the right to grow their own vegetables. Actually, you don’t need to have a lot of land to plant seeds or plants. With our tips and tricks you’ll discover how easy it is to have your own vegetable patch on a balcony!

Tomato, how to sow it well

Much tastier than any tomato purchased in a store, tomatoes sown from seed are also more flavorful than those purchased in nursery pots.
semis tomate

Germinating potatoes at the right moment

Germinating potato tubers before planting them helps increase  growth of your young plants, bring the harvest a few days or weeks earlier, and increase the harvest.
faire germer pomme de terre

Dandelion, more than just a weed

Dandelion is by far the most famous field flower in our temperate climates. It can be appreciated all season long from March to November, but, it must be said,

Scores of squash!

Easy to grow in the vegetable patch, Cucurbitaceae come in a great variety of fruits which we can savor from summer’s end to the beginning of spring.

Broadcast sowing

Broadcast sowing mostly relates to outdoor lawns and practically all covered sowing. Other outdoor plants can occasionally be sown in this manner

Regional planting calendar to maximize your vegetable patch – MetroFrance Edition

For those of you in France who want to absolutely maximize your vegetable productivity, it’s important to follow a rigorous planting calendar. For that, it’s important to realize that not all regions have the same climate and weather conditions. Indeed, the climate isn’t the same in all parts of France, and this has a direct […]
calendrier-plantation region