Direct sowing, sowing plants directly in the ground

Direct sowing, here for lettuce

Whether for vegetables or certain flower species, direct sowing or sowing in situ is very easy.

It takes place in spring, once the last frost has passed, and during summer for most fall vegetables.

Direct sowing

  • Start with cleaning the place where you want to plant, removing all weeds, rocks and buried roots. If you plan to sow a fresh lawn, till the soil with a rototiller.
  • Break up clumps in the soil once it has been cleaned, to lighten it.
  • Add organic matter with manure or seaweed-based soil conditioner, mixing it into the soil.
  • Rake the soil to break it up further.
  • Run a roller over the area, without pressing the soil down too much.
  • Sow the seeds as evenly as possible. Depending on the species, either sow in rows or in seed holes. If planting a lawn, prefer broadcast sowing.
  • Cover seeds with special seedling soil mix (no need to do this if sowing a lawn).
  • Press down lightly using the backside of the rake.
  • Water generously.

Plants for which direct sowing is best