Sowing in rows, get the basics right

Sowing in rows

Sowing in rows is one of the most common methods. It is widely used for growing vegetables.

It is very easy to perform and is particularly well suited to outdoor sowing , either directly or in a nursery.

Sowing in rows

How to sow in rowsA drill hoe or a triangle hoe is best to prepare the rows for your sowing. If you don’t have any, the round tip of any long-handled tool you happen to have is fine, too.

Row-sowing means to drop seeds, evenly-spaced, at the bottom of a furrow, the depth of which depends on the species you are going to grow. The depth ranges anywhere from ½ to 1 inch (3 cm). Usually you can estimate the depth to be 2 to 3 times the seed’s diameter.

Tip about sowing in rows

If you can, mark your rows following the direction of prevailing winds in your area.

For smaller seeds, Nature-and-Garden recommends that you mix them with sand.

It will be much easier to spread them evenly without sowing too many in each furrow.

Images: adobestock: New Africa; Pixabay: Goran Horvat