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Growing vegetables on your balcony, give it a try!

Tomato plant on a balcony with fruits ripening

Persons living in an apartment also have the right to grow their own vegetables, don’t you think? Actually, you don’t need to have a lot of land to plant seeds or plants. With our tips and tricks you’ll discover how easy it is to have your own vegetable patch on a balcony!

It may even be that your children will want to start gardening, too!

Setting up your own balcony vegetable patch

First of all, you should know that in specialized horticulture stores, there are ready-made kits that will help in setting up a vegetable patch on your balcony.

However, it is also perfectly possible to showcase your DIY-skills, or at the very least your second-hand marvel detector capacity.

Indeed, although you can perfectly well build a garden box yourself with a few wooden planks and nails, you can also re-use objects that you already have in your home.

For a mini-vegetable patch, simply recycle a flower pot. In the very simplest case, start with a simple wooden crate from the market. And if your balcony can fit it, why not use a wheelbarrow? On top of letting you grow your own veggies, this solution has the advantage of being nice to look at, too. Add one or two flowered plants and the result will be an enchantment.

Is your balcony so small that you can’t even lay down a pot or container on the floor? Not a problem – there is always a way!

Small spaces can also welcome their vegetable patch. For that, recover a few bags made of thick cloth and hang them on the railing, either towards the inside or towards the outside. The advantage of this system is that it will bring everything to standing height, so you won’t break your back.

Filling up the balcony vegetable patch

Making or finding a container isn’t yet a full-blown vegetable patch on the balcony. Once that’s ready, you need to fill it up! And you’ve got a lot of choices to choose from.

Once your garden boxes are filled with soil mix you’ll be able to plant carrot, bean, onion, radish, tomato, parsley, mint, etc., well, anything you like !

Of course, larger vegetables like squash can also adapt to growing on a balcony, but if you decide to plant those, you won’t have much room for anything else. Yup, those gobble up space! If you’ve created a mini-vegetable patch on your balcony, it can also be fun to grow mini-vegetables like small carrots, cherry tomato, bell-pepper, chili, radishes, etc.

Together with the pruning of these vegetable plants, you’ll also have to consider sun exposure that is required for their proper growth. If your balcony is in the shade all day long, for instance, you might have to forget about tomatoes and select vegetables that don’t quite need as much sun.

Lastly, don’t forget that in your balcony vegetable patch, you can also plant fruits. Potted strawberry for instance will fit perfectly in bags hanging from the balcony’s railings.

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  • plantito_sotto wrote on 23 June 2022 at 19 h 44 min

    When we were kids, our mom taught us to grow tomatoes using the seeds planted in cotton balls, then in about a week, it will have little sprouts.

    • Gaspard wrote on 24 June 2022 at 17 h 02 min

      That’s swell! It’s the best way to discover the joy of growing things: sprouting seeds as a child!