Hot spice indeed! Chili is nearly identical to bell pepper in the care and growing environment. Nonetheless, several varieties stand to be taken care of specifically.

Bountiful bell pepper

Bell peppers are among the crunchiest of vegetables when eaten raw. Chili is the same species, too. Watching this short, colorful video will take a bite out of any difficulties to make growing them very easy! Read more ►

Growing vegetables on your balcony, give it a try!

Persons living in an apartment also have the right to grow their own vegetables, don’t you think? Actually, you don’t need to have a lot of land to plant seeds or plants. With our tips and tricks you’ll discover how easy it is to have your own vegetable patch on a balcony!
Tomato plant on a balcony with fruits ripening

Tomatoes without diseases

Tomatoes are often infected with fungal diseases (related to mushrooms). A typical gardener’s first reaction is to blast the whole plant with chemicals.
Tomato plant with no disease
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