Fragrant climbing vines…

Orange-yellow honeysuckle, a fragrant climbing vine

Climbing vines have the advantage of being very ornamental. When on top of this, they’re fragrant and smell good, too, they become the ideal candidate to grow in your garden or on your terrace!
Discover these “impulse” climbing plants that will spread a delicious scent everywhere while giving a decidedly ornamental touch to your garden!

The great covering power of climbing plants

  • They decorate old walls and hide imperfections, add joy and greenery everywhere. Climbing plants and vines cover and clothe our houses.
  • The are also very useful to fill in the holes on the fences that separate your lot and your neighbor’s, or the pergola under which you love to dine.

And the appeal of fragrant climbing vines

  • They spread their delicious scent in living spaces like a terrace or an arched passageway.
  • Place fragrant plants near a spot where you like to spend time or share meals.
  • In late spring and summer, all the way up to fall, they will trigger relaxation when you visit your meditation garden.

The most beautiful fragrant flower vines

yellow chalice vine flower with red likeChalice vine (Solandra) solanum false jasmine close-up of a single white flowerSolanum potato vine
star-jasmine wall of flowersStar jasmine Orange yellow honeysuckle flowersHoneysuckle
Hops flowers with yellow-green bloomsHops Holboellia vine with white flowersHolboellia
jasmine closse up of a bunch with four open flowersJasmine wisteria flowers from belowWisteria
Stephanotis on a brick wallStephanotis (Madagascar jasmine)

Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois):
CC BY 2.0: eperales, Lenore Edman
CC BY-SA 2.0: Brian Crawford, Steve Law