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Hops, easy to grow in the garden

Hops vine growing on a tree with flowers

Hops isn’t only the famous plant used to brew beer, it is also a fantastic climbing vine.

Hops facts, a short summary

NameHumulus lupulus
Type – climbing vine

Height – 16 to 23 feet (5 to 7 meters)
Exposure – full sun, part sun
Soil – rich enough

Foliage – deciduous
Flowering – June to September

Planting, growing hops

The care you’ll give this plant, from planting to pruning, will enable you to increase its growth and development.

Hops can be planted either in spring or in fall, in garden soil amended with soil mix and eventually organic soil conditioner.

Pruning hops

It doesn’t need any pruning.

If you wish to reshape the bush or reduce the branches, wait for the blooming to end, or prune at the very beginning of spring.

Harvesting hops

Hops seed cones are harvested just before they open.

To make beer, they’re first dried before sending to the brewery.

You can also use the hop plant to make beautiful dried flower bouquets because they tend to stay fragrant for many weeks.

Learn more about hops

This climbing plant is usually grown along a lattice, an old barrel or a pergola.

It will provide you with a beautiful blooming during the entire summer.
Its flowers shaped like panicles are very fragrant and they’re even used to flavor beer.

Also called the Northern vine, you’ll enjoy this plant even more if you set it up near a passing place so all can benefit from its fragrance.
Northern temperate climates are where it is grown industrially for beer production.

No specific watering is recommended.
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Smart tip about hops

Organic mulch such as cocoa hulls provides nutrients to the plant and will keep moisture constant.

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