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Transcend your climbing roses with these 5 stunning arbors

Arbors for climbing rose vines

Arbors, pergolas, gazebos, trellis, you’ve got lots of aces up your sleeve when it comes to showcasing your favorite climbing roses. Dome structures and tunnel arbors add shade that is refreshing in summer, whereas upright lattices will keep stems reaching for the sky.

Setting such ornaments up isn’t very difficult. Of course, if you can’t tell a hammer from a screwdriver and aren’t particularly keen on learning the difference, it’s perfectly ok to simply purchase ready-assembled kits or to ask a garden professional to help you out.


1- The rose cage

Pyramid cage for a climbing rose to grow onThis is a simple idea: a ladder-like pyramid that encases the rose tree from the moment its very first leaves come out. Bit by bit, sprigs and shoots of – for instance – a ‘Pierre de Ronsard‘ rose tree climbs up the levels and, in time, dominates the structure. Whenever an adventurous branch tries to flee, gently turn it around to guide it through the structure again, or, slightly more drastic, cut it short!

For the structure, choose a color that harmonizes well with that of the rose growing inside it: after all, both cage and tree will be intertwined “for life”!

2- A flowery arbor

Climbing rose with trumpet vines on a pergolaThis wooden arbor provides a sturdy growing space for an uncanny pair of vines: a yellow rose tree and a large-flowered trumpet vine. In spring, it’s still only producing flowers, but over the summer its blooming will overtake that of the rose tree.

Along the sides, trellises are set up to which loose branches can be tethered to and guided. Since it’s a wide arbor, it truly turns into a large gateway that marks the transition to a different section of the garden.

Remember to focus an onlooker’s attention to it, using the one or the other strategy (hedge, walkway, low wall…) and your visitors will naturally gravitate to this entrance.

3- A low-key trellis

Trellis to support a climing roseThe structure in this case is actually rather hard to see: metallic rods holding the ‘Souvenir de la Bataille de Marengo’ rose tree.

The weaving rods of metal line the side of a tall pergola that is completely covered in vegetation.

Square poles strongly secured to the ground uphold the trellis at regular intervals.

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4- An authentic scene

Authenticity in this stone and round post rose tree arborGiven the vigor of most climbing rose trees, using thick 6-inch (15 cm) posts isn’t overkill to carry the weight of the branches. These cylindrical pine wood posts are hammered into the ground and then bound together with tightly set crossbeams.

Moreover, the stone sculpture serves as the centerpiece of the landscape and gives the whole scene a strong sense of peace. The massive pedestal is lined with two white stones that signal the way into the covered walkway.

Perennials overflow from both sides of the walkway, which adds to the charming authenticity of the picturesque setting.

5- Ethereal grace of modern steel

Climbing rose on a steel arborRusty-toned steel pairs exceptionally well with bricks simply piled along the ground. The effect is strikingly modern, both elegant and post-industrial (unlike the more traditional wrought iron). The thin poles and wide, arching arcades draw the knobby, woody rose trees up and create a welcome transparency to the view.

Thanks to the space this provides, it’s possible to add a few potted plants and hollyhock roses to create an airy composition. White tends to invite bystanders to pause for a moment in this warm and welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of the soft multi-faceted joys of a sensory garden: fragrance, muffled sounds, warmth…

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Written by Eva Deuffic | Eva is passionate about gardens and gardening, and her talented words –and sharp camera– take us away on beautiful adventures.
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