Spring bulbs for rocky terrain, 6 flowers that rock!

Rocky gravel beds often look a bit drab in winter and at the beginning of springs. Perennials are still dormant, just barely starting to bud. Small spring bulb flowers – be they botanical varieties or more classic ones – have an uncanny ability to thrive in this type of context.
Flowers for spring in rocky soil

Preserve root vegetables in a DIY silo

Most root vegetables could stay in the ground until their consumption during winter. However, they are often harvested in fall because soil is still loose. Freezing indeed makes harvesting difficult, and in the ground, root crops often perish from excess cold, moisture, or are nibbled on by hungry animals.
Build a simple silo to store vegetables in winter

Stone and Wood, warm companions for an inviting garden

The best of gardens share an irresistible invitation to passersby, beckoning them to sit for a spell, perhaps daydream for an instant. A simple piece of furniture, be it bench, chair, statue, a smooth slab of rock placed at the right spot by human hands, all beget meaning.
Stone and wood garden ideas

Mimosa tree varieties: more blooms in winter!

Sun-loving mimosa trees are native to Australia, and in the Northern hemisphere they bloom as if they were still down under. December to March is when flowers appear on most varieties!
mimosa tree varieties

Bamboo, a plant with mysterious secrets

It’s very difficult to classify these gigantic stalks: they’re the size of shrubs and grow like perennials… but they’re technically grasses! Some bamboo plants are towering high, others are dwarf-sized, some have straight canes and others arch back down and even creep along the ground.
Light shining through bamboo plants

Dwarf weeping trees for pots and small gardens

You’ll be thrilled to discover a whole series of dwarf weeping trees that, even though small, still boast a weeping, trailing branch habit. Here are a few of our favorite ‘Pendula’ varieties!
Dwarf weeping tree
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