Chalice vine, solandra

Yellow chalice vine flower

Chalice vine, also called Solandra, is marvelous thanks to its magnificent blooming.

Chalice vine, Solandra facts

NameSolandra maxima
FamilySolanaceae or nightshade
Type – shrub, climbing vine

Height – 16 feet (5 m)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – rich enough

Foliage – evergreen
Flowering – May to September

Care and pruning are easy and the result is often magnificent.

Planting chalice vine

Preferably in spring.

Choose a sheltered spot, warm and well-endowed with sunlight.

Pruning chalice vine

It isn’t necessary to prune it.

If you wish to enhance the blooming, prune lightly at the end of winter.

All there is to know about chalice vine

Chalice vine is a climbing shrub native to Mexico. The blooming is magnificent and the flowers, shaped like trumpets, are in a class of their own in terms of elegance.

Caring for this shrub is easy, and it will effortlessly climb along a lattice or fence.

Smart tip about chalice vine

Only choose to grow Solandra if the climate in your area is mild, because it is vulnerable to cold frost spells.

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Solandra vine flower bud forming.

Credits for images shared to Nature & Garden (all edits by Gaspard Lorthiois):
Open solandra flower by Esin Üstün under © CC BY 2.0
Closed solandra flower by Ruth under © CC BY 2.0