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Holboellia, advice on caring for this evergreen vine

Holbeollia is a fabulous evergreen vine that densely covers fences

Holboellia is a very surprising and slightly fragrant climbing vine. It loves rather shaded spots.

Holboellia facts, a summary list

Name – Holboellia coriacea
Family – Lardizabalaceae
Type – climbing vine

Height –
16 to 26 feet (5 to 8 meters)
Exposure – part sun or shade
Soil ordinary

Flowering April to June

Caring for it from planting to blooming is truly very easy and its decorative impact is guaranteed.

Planting holboellia

It is a good idea to plant holboellia in spring in good garden soil blended with special flower plant soil mix.
Water abundantly at the beginning in order to spur root development, and then whenever extended dry spells or strong heat occur.

Pruning holboellia

They don’t need any pruning.

If you wish to reduce the branches, wait for the blooming to end.

All there is to know about holboellia

As an evergreen vine, holboellia does great, and its flowers add a nice touch, tooThis beautiful vine has the advantage of adapting well to all locations and purposes, thanks to its distinctive white or lilac colored flowers that smell of orange trees.

  • White flowers are a sign that the plant is a male holboellia.
  • Lilac blue flowers means that the plant is a female plant.

Attach a lattice along the wall for the plant to climb up it more easily.

Water regularly but not too much and you’ll enjoy seeing your plant truly thrive.

  • This plant grows quite quickly and is opaque and covers well.

Smart tip about holboellia

Plant-based mulch at the foot of the plant will hinder weed growth, retain proper moisture levels and fertilize the soil.


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