The complete guide to spending December in the garden

Winter gardening tasks december

Here it is! Winter frost is back and sometimes even snow which lead us all up to Christmas!

Although December clearly isn’t the most burdened month of the year for the garden, it does come out as one of the most joyful and full of fun!

Garden work is quite reduced during this wintry month, but it is still necessary to brave the cold to get everything set up for the coming new year.

Planting trees and shrubs

If it hasn’t frozen yet in your parts, then you’ve still got time to plant your last shrubs and trees as December rolls out.

If the ground is frozen stiff already, you’ll have to delay your planting projects to the beginning of spring. You’ll have a window for planting just after the last frost spells.

Lastly, if the soil permits and it isn’t too hard, finish planting spring bulbs. It’ll be too late in January, so get that done fast!

Flowers for the garden, balconies and terraces in December

Caring for flowers in DecemberChristmas is nigh and it bodes well to plant a few winter-blooming flowers!

It also isn’t too late yet to protect your plants against the cold.

December pruning of trees and shrubs

Pruning in December, possible for some speciesYou can start pruning pear trees and apple trees, as long as it doesn’t freeze.

Finally, and again only if the temperature is above freezing, you can start pruning your grapevines.

Caring for fruit trees in December

Fruit tree care for DecemberYou must take advantage of winter to spray winter treatment products before the blooming in spring.

This mainly relates to cherry trees, pear trees, apple trees and apricot trees.

  • If not yet done, eliminate dead branches and burn them to get rid of any diseases they might be carrying.

Lawn and grass in winter

Tasks for caring for lawns and grass in DecemberClean your garden of the last fallen autumn leaves.

Bringing the mower in for a check-up and purging the engine with fresh oil will increase its performance and ensure it will run for many more years.

Roses in winter

December rose with frost on itProtect your rose tree trunks by raising a mound of dirt around the base, and add plant-based mulch on top of the mound.

Ridging it thus will protect the roots from the cold.

If you haven’t pruned yet, delicately prune dead branches off your rose trees and pluck the remaining leaves so that it stays bare for the winter.

Smart tip to garden in December

Garden tasks for decemberWinter isn’t a time to spend hours outdoors – but you can certainly plan ahead! Take time in front of a window overlooking your garden to reflect on your landscaping. Perhaps you can prepare a plan to implement a few ideas on permaculture design when spring rolls around?

Credits for images shared to Nature & Garden (all edits by Gaspard Lorthiois): JonNaustdalslid
Misty shrub by Gabriela Piwowarska under Pixabay license
Hay and lavender by Timur Kozmenko under Pixabay license
Branches with frost by Ilona Ilyés under Pixabay license
Frozen daisy by Michael Gaida under Pixabay license
Fruits on the ground by Cornelia Gross under Pixabay license
Frozen in red by Irida under Pixabay license