Month after month

Seasons come and go, and the bench in the yard or on the terrace is a great place to see the world change. Tasks and activities differ for every month.

How to choose your Christmas tree!

Every year, the same challenge: you’ve got to choose your Christmas tree and bring joy to the house for grown-ups and kids alike! Decorating it is an important part of the process, and is truly fun to work out as a family or with friends and colleagues, but the first awaited step is the choosing […]
A Christmas tree ornament shaped like a Christmas tree on a spruce Christmass tree.

Carve a pumpkin for Halloween!

October 31st is Halloween! Hey, what if you celebrated it with the famous Jack O’Lantern pumpkin? Whether you have children or not, this is always a fun activity!
Spooky jackolantern

Work to do in the garden in fall

Harvesting, cleaning up, sowing, planting… A summary of all the work to get done in the garden in Fall before winter sets in.
Fall tasks like raking leaves can be fun!

Spring garden tasks

Spring garden tasks start filling those days as they get longer and nature begins to stir… time for gardeners to get the ball rolling! Coronavirus shouldn’t stop you in your tracks – budding days call attention to garden activities after the long winter wait.
A wheelbarrow in front of tulip beds show introduce spring garden tasks.

New year’s plants

Which ornamental plants are rooted in history and culture, traditionally planted in the garden or hosted
Plants for new year include juniper.

The complete guide to spending January in the garden

Tradition calls for well-wishing to all as the year starts in most of the world! May every passing day make you a better person in character, relationship, and health! January is often a time when resolutions are taken, promises to oneself to try something new as you start planning your
Frost draws stars on a berry

Fall garden checklist

Days grow shorter and frost spells are just around the corner… Here’s a checklist of what needs to be accomplished in fall before it starts getting cold.
Fall garden checklist

The complete guide to spending June in the garden

Summer’s on its way and the garden goes through one of the most beautiful periods of the year. Flowers are in full bloom, shrubs are in their growth phase, fruit trees hint at how plentiful the harvest will be and the vegetable patch is already producing nice vegetables.
Pots and growing beds describe the work that can be done in the garden in June.

Planting and sowing in fall

Start preparing next year’s garden. Here are some tips on planting bulbs and other perennials and annuals. Easy!
automne jardin semis plantation
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