There are a few different types of lily around the planet. Not all are from the same family, Liliaceae. There are many other species. Care and planting.

Easy and beautiful houseplants

Growing leaf and flower plants inside our homes dates back to ancient times with the use of Roman loggias. It spread during the Renaissance when glass-makers were able to create large, bright windows.
easy houseplants

Daylily, easy and spectacular

Daylily is a beautiful perennial that belongs to the Liliaceae or lily family. It blooms in a wide range of colorful flowers.
Daylily is easy to grow

Liriope muscari, the lily turf flower

Liriope muscari, or lily turf, is a grass-like mound with purple blooms. Liriope muscari Key facts: Latin name: Liriope muscari, Liriope platyphylla Family: Liliacea Type: perennial, evergreen Shape: arched clumps Height: 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) Plant density: 7 to 8 plants per 10.8 square feet (7 to 8 plants per m²) […]
Liriope muscari, the lily turf flower

Grow flowers for food!

Certain flowers are both ornamental and edible. Feel free to try them out, a feast for eyes and taste buds alike!
Edible plants

White flower beds, best white flowers for a pearly-white garden

No need to worry about whether colors match and pair well. Perfect harmony is so hard to master! A clean, white garden is pleasing in its simplicity. The goal? Introduce as many white blooms as can be, without forgetting rich, textured foliage to give the eye a focal point.
White garden flowers for landscaping a garden in white

Bulb flowers that bloom in summer

They provide magnificent flowers over the summer and sometimes even into fall. Summer bulbs are often spectacular and are magnificently ornamental
Top bulbs for summer blooming, like this dahlia.
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