Lavender is a short, bushy flower that flowers in abundance at the beginning of summer. Learn all about it with these posts.

Blooming of shrubs one season at a time

To help you choose your shrubs depending on their blooming season, Nature-and-Garden recommends this selection of the most beautiful flowering shrubs for each season.
Shrub blooming calendar

Pruning lavender, a 2-minute video

Lavender is a plant that blooms magnificently when the plant is well trimmed so that the best flowers and fragrance appear. This quick, fun video will explain how to trim and when to do it, with tools and calendar, to avoid useless old wood. Read more about trimming lavender ►

Propagate lavender with these 100% propagation guidelines

Lavender is a famous Mediterranean plant. Propagating lavender is possible through seed, cuttings, layering (ground and air). In some cases, division of the lavender clump is also an option. Read also: growing lavender Seeds, easy but slow and not always true to form Natural lavender varieties have succeeded in reproducing through seeds over millennia. However, […]
Young propagated lavender shoots

Lavandin benefits, a generous herb for beauty

This a hybrid plant is a natural offspring of spike lavender (Lavandula latifolia) and noble lavender (L. augustifolia, also known as Lavandula officinalis). It of course shares the health benefits of its parents, and also has a few benefits of its own, too!
Lavandin health benefits

English lavender varieties, the best L. angustifolia varieties

English lavender is one of the most famous lavenders. Many varieties exist to decorate our gardens. These tend to be hardier than other types of lavender, making them great for planting in colder areas. English Lavender varieties, key facts Name – Lavandula angustifolia How many varieties – 200+ Height – 2+ to 4 feet (60-90 […]
Varieties of English lavender
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