Fabaceae plants are critically important plants: they extract nitrogen from air and make it available to other plants through their roots. Species & care.

Coral tree, ablaze with flowers

The coral tree (Erythrina species) is a family of trees with incredible flowers. Core Coral tree facts Name – Erythrina Family – Fabaceae Type – shrub Height – 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters) Exposure – full sun Soil: rich  –  Foliage: deciduous  –  Flowering: end of spring, early summer It’s part of the Fabaceae family, as are Acacia and beans. Another common name for […]
Coral tree

Lentil, from seed to harvest

Known and renowned for its nutritional properties, lentil is an annual plant that is a cinch to grow in the garden.
Lentil plants growing in a vegetable patch, with pods ready for the harvest

Honey locust, a sweet giant – with massive thorns!

If you’ve got a large garden, go ahead and plant a Gleditsia triacanthos, you’ll savor its cool shade during summer. And, you’ll marvel at the honey locust‘s sweet fall fruit pods in fall and winter.
Honey locust planting and care
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