Coral tree, ablaze with flowers

Coral tree

The coral tree (Erythrina species) is a family of trees with incredible flowers.

Core Coral tree facts

Name – Erythrina
Family – Fabaceae
Type – shrub

Height – 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters)
Exposure – full sun

Soil: rich  –  Foliage: deciduous  –  Flowering: end of spring, early summer

It’s part of the Fabaceae family, as are Acacia and beans. Another common name for it is Flame tree, because when it blooms it looks like it’s on fire!

Planting coral tree

Planting a coral treeWe recommend planting in spring.

Best grow in pots or garden boxes, especially if temperatures drop any lower than 19°F (-7°C) in winter. Whenever temperatures do drop that low, bring it indoors.

Pruning Coral tree

Caring for a coral treeNo pruning is needed during the first years.

You can then prune in spring those shoots grown in the previous year. This will trigger branching out and new growth will come out lusher and denser than before.

Note that most species of coral tree have large thorns along their trunk. These grow larger as the tree ages.


It is important to water regularly but not too much, whenever it gets hot.

Learn more about the Coral tree

TSpecies of coral treehis incredible tree with magnificent and unique flowers is well suited to warm coastal climates.

Wherever there’s high air moisture, warm summers, and very mild winters, Erythrina fares well.

Its coral-red color will stand out in your garden all summer long.

Coral tree, erythrinaThere are dozens of specific coral tree species, and each one has flowers that are more stunning than the next.

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Smart tip about the coral tree

When planted directly in the ground, it’s important to mulch around the trunk to protect its roots from the cold.

Images: Pixabay: Amandad, Andrea Gibhardt, Bishnu Sarangi, Suwittaya Singsathan; Public Domain: Guy Babineau