How to save bees

Now that governments are starting to ban insecticides that are the most dangerous to our honey-making friends, a reminder of the situation and the best practices to implement on how to save bees.
A bee hovers near a lavender flower.

Attract animals to the garden

In these days of sustainable development and environmental protection, attracting animal and insect life in your garden is a necessity.
A deluxe insect hotel with holes, nooks and crannies for insects.

A beehive in your garden

Bees are endangered, especially because the massive use of pesticides. One thing you can do to protect them is to
Beekeeper opening a hive

An eco-friendly hive in the garden

If your garden is surrounded by hedges that are tall enough, you can set up a couple hives. They will provide you with organic honey and will increase the pollination of your fruits and vegetables.
ruche abeilles ecolo
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