Grasses, trendy with a designer touch


Grasses have become a staple item in our modern designer gardens, they induce a feeling of nature, lightness and are very aesthetic.

These types of grass are very “trendy” and ornamental plants.

Grasses: easy and ornamental

grassesMake the most of this plant that is easy to care for to give your garden or terrace a 100% natural modern touch.

Although some plants have fallen into oblivion when it comes to composing plant beds, decorating edges or filling in pots on a terrace, herbaceous grasses are here to stay!

Recent times are on a quest for authenticity, connection to nature and simple, wild freedom. These callings have increased and now luminous grasses are showcased in our gardens and on our terraces.

Ultra easy care

No need to even mention cultivation, fertilizer and diseases, since grasses are extremely easy to care for.

They are perfectly suited to all climates, and, for the most part, to all soil types, too.

You’ll be bringing a touch of the wild to your garden, and wind and sun alike will join in on helping your grasses to catch the eye even more.

Leafage is changing and mirrors every hour of the day as it evolves from dawn to dusk.

The most striking grasses

Discover here the grasses that will endow your garden space with wind-loving playful nature, for a 100% modern touch!

Oriental fountain grass

Sedge, carex
spring time

Giant feather grass

Blue fescue

Kikuyu grass

Pampas grass


Zebra grass

Smart tip about grasses

  • Mineral mulch will make the luminous foliage of the grasses stand out.
  • Mulch stops growth of weeds and retains moisture that plants need near the roots.