Pennisetum, a very cute grass

Five seed pods of pennisetum against a sunset-lit sky

Pennisetum is a grass that exists in many varieties. It is planted more and more because it has become a extremely trendy plant.

Primary Pennisetum facts

Type – grass

Height – 20 to 36 inches (50 to 90 cm)
Exposure – full sun
Foliage – deciduous

Flowering – July to October

Ideal to decorate modern gardens, it nonetheless retains a very wild and natural bearing that makes any garden feel light and lofty.

Planting pennisetum

Planting guide for pennisetumPlanting is recommended in spring or fall but at all costs avoid freezing or sweltering hot weather.

  • For the first few weeks after planting, water often to ensure proper settling in.

Since pennisetum isn’t a very demanding perennial, it will happily abide in any type of soil.

  • You can propagate your pennisetum easily through division of the crown in fall or at the beginning of spring.

Pruning and caring for pennisetum

Cut back the dried leaves at the beginning of spring to regenerate the plant.

  • Care for pennisetumCutting back means to cut down to more or less 8 inches (20 cm) from ground level.
  • If you leave the bunches whole over winter, you’ll take advantage of their beauty for longer, since they’re still very beautiful even when dry.

Pennisetum fears dry spells most which is why you must water it in case of extended drought or a long span of time with no rain.

Learn more about pennisetum

A very beautiful perennial that matches marine settings, pennisetum has the special trait of flowering in summer and fall depending on the variety.

Unique and very ornamental, this plant only requires little care.

It is more used today for its natural and wild appearance, which fits right in modern designer gardens that don’t want things to look too elaborate.

Lastly, pennisetum is also a marvel in winter because the bunches of leaves dry out quite elegantly. You’ll thus observe the very beautiful leafage during the colder months of the year.

If you want an early bloom, you might select Pennisetum massaicum (the picture shown on top of the page) which bears flowers in spring.

A gigantic type of pennisetum is bana grass. It even serves for hedges!

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Smart tip about pennisetum

Leaves and flowers of pennisetum are often used in floral compositions.

Pozzolana and shale match this type of plant very well.