Tomato varieties

Of the thousands of tomato varieties, only a few stand the test of time. Here are some that are remarkable, either heirloom or resistant and productive.

Cuor di bue, the original beefsteak tomato

Cuor di Bue tomato key facts: Botanical name:Β Solanum lycopersicum Common name: Beefsteak, Cuor di Bue Family: Solanaceae (nightshade family) Type: fruit vegetable
Cuor di bue tomato, here a small one

Seedless tomato varieties to grow in the vegetable patch

The small pits inside a tomato are the plant’s seeds. When you slice a fruit in half, the center of it is full of juice and small seeds. It’s possible to collect them, press out the juice, dry them, and sow them again in the following year. Did you know there were a few tomato […]
Seedless tomato variety
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