Climbing hydrangea, perfect for shade

Climbing hydrangea

Climbing hydrangea is a beautiful plant that blooms in the summer.

Climbing hydrangea facts

NameHydrangea petiolaris
Family – Hydrangeaceae
Type – climbing vine

 – 25 to 40 feet (8 to 12 meters)
Exposure – shade or part sun
Soil – ordinary

 – deciduous
Flowering – June to September

Caring for these plants is easy and they will quickly join other flowers in decorating your tubs, walls, gazebos and other lattices along your terrace and garden.

Planting climbing hydrangea

Best is to plant in fall in good garden soil ideally mixed in with heath.

  • If you are careful to attach stems to the wall well from the start, the plant will then follow your lead.

If you wish to plant in spring or summer, provide for regular watering at the beginning.

Pruning climbing hydrangea

They don’t need any pruning.

If you wish, deadheading is possible – snipping off wilted flowers – in order to spur appearance of new flowers.

All there is to know about climbing hydrangea

climbing-hydrangeaBeautiful climbing vine, this climbing hydrangea will produce magnificent little flowers grouped in umbels 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 cm) across.

This plant is surprising in that can spontaneously attach itself to walls thanks to the little roots that form along its stem.

This hydrangea is both very appealing visually and easy to care for, and is an ideal choice for any walls that facing north.

Smart tip about climbing hydrangea

To support the growth of the plant, give it organic fertilizer from the start, in the form of time-release granules.

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