As part of nature, and sometimes due to unbalanced ways of life, we occasionally suffer from pain or disease, either chronic or acute. Delve into the rich pharmacopeia plants have to offer to treat them.

Boils, preventing them or treating them naturally 

Often quite painful, a boil is an infection due to a bacteria that develops in the cavity that a single hair grows from. Usually appearing on the face, thighs, armpits, shoulders, scalp, beard, back, tip of the eyelashes, neck or buttocks, this skin infection wrecks havoc because of the “premature death” of cells. First it […]
furoncle et plantes

Lower fever naturally with plants

Fever, this common and frequent ailment that everyone has experienced, is a symptom revealed through abnormally high body temperature in the absence of any intense physical effort. Plants can help treat it.
Cup and saucer with thermometer and ginger

Spring Detox course

Cleansing and boosting the body at winter’s end is the goal of a detox course. Feeling light and full of energy as days grow longer and more beautiful is only a few bites away!
Vegetables that help detox the body in spring

Diarrhea, natural remedies to treat it

Symptom of digestive troubles that are quite frequent even though they aren’t severe, diarrhea disturbs the patient’s daily schedule to the point of becoming a nightmare when it lasts for too long.
Close-up of a black currant

Treat rheumatism naturally with plants

Suffering in the bones, muscles and joints may seem understandable when you’ve just bumped something or are healing something broken after an accident. But whenever such pain sets in
Treatment for rheumatism is possible with plants such as turmeric

Ulcer, how to treat it naturally

Having a rich, varied and balanced diet is best for health. When some specific foods, together with too much alcohol and tobacco start disturbing your stomach
Natural ulcer treatment: chamomile flower heads

Feverfew against headaches

A plant that can be traced back to Asia Minor, feverfew – or bachelor’s buttons – is a perennial plant that can grow up to 28 inches (70 cm) tall.
Health benefits of feverfew

Treating cough with plants

When cough is frequent, due to an infection or throat irritation, cough is the body’s pulmonary defense response
A pot of leaves used to treat migraine.
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