Mimosa tree

Mimosa is a beautiful tree with yellow flowers that bloom in winter. Planting, pruning, and caring for mimosa tree in the ground and pots for massive gold.

Blooming of shrubs one season at a time

To help you choose your shrubs depending on their blooming season, Nature-and-Garden recommends this selection of the most beautiful flowering shrubs for each season.
Shrub blooming calendar

Propagate a mimosa tree from bark

This method of bark propagation works particularly well for the mimosa tree. It is especially useful if you wish to replace a tree that was damaged and you still have access to its remains.
Two slabs of bark from a damaged tree recovered with sprouting mimosa tree shoots.

Acacia dealbata, the winter mimosa tree

Acacia dealbata, commonly known under the name winter mimosa tree, decorates our gardens with superb golden yellow blooms from January to March, depending on the climate.
acacia dealbata

Mimosa tree pruning and shaping

Mimosa, the famous yellow-flowered tree, is easily controlled through pruning. Mimosa pruning key facts Goal – size, appearance Season – after the blooming (early spring) Cycle – yearly (every few months for suckers) With proper pruning, your mimosa tree will grow to the shape you desire. Read also: Mimosa tree care and, more specifically, Mimosa […]
Pruning a mimosa tree

Mimosa tree varieties: more blooms in winter!

Sun-loving mimosa trees are native to Australia, and in the Northern hemisphere they bloom as if they were still down under. December to March is when flowers appear on most varieties!
mimosa tree varieties
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