A leafy shrub that is simply covered all over with gigantic clusters of flowers, hydrangea is a favorite in many countries. It doesn’t like too much heat.

Pruning hydrangea, a 2 minute video with key steps

Blue, pink and all colors in between โ€“ if you want flowers next year, this video will show you how to prune hydrangea right. Get it wrong and you might cut flower buds off! Timing, technique and how to maintain the beautiful million-flower plant. Read more โ–บ

Unique hydrangea

Hydrangeas are highlights of the summer with their magnificent flowers in hues from pink to blue. Easy to care for, they are unique among flowering shrubs.
Unique hydrangea

How to plant heath plants

Heath plants love acidic, cool and well-drained soil. Planting is an important phase in the life of a plant.
Close-up of a healthy heath plant well planted.

Seaside gardens, wonders of man and nature… France edition!

From North to South, along the vast oceans of the world, French coasts are among the most beautiful in the world. They have mild, temperate climates which means that a great many plant options are open to their seaside gardens โ€“ botanically speaking!
Seaside gardens in France

Preparing a bouquet of dried flowers

Easy to prepare, a bouquet of dried flowers has the advantage of keeping as long as you wish. Dried flowers can be arranged into magnificent bouquets
Bouquet of dried flowers
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