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New hydrangea varieties that sure look different!

Unusual hydrangeas

A symbol of seaside gardens along the coast of French Brittany, hydrangea exist in a great many new varieties that adapt to nearly all European and American climates.

Focus on three special ones…

The ‘French Bolero’ hydrangea

The “French Bolero®” is a new hydrangea variety that belongs to the recent 2019 “Remarkable Innovations” selection of the Promesse de Fleurs horticulturist. They own the rights to sell and share the plant, which they’ve been doing since 2019.

Flowers appear along the entire length of branches

This is a French-bred hybrid that was also primed in the IPM international horticulture festival in Essen, Germany, in early 2019.

  • French bolero hydrangeaIts parent plants are Hydrangea macrophylla and H. scandens.

What makes it so unique? Its pale pink flowers bloom along the entire length of each stem, not only at the tip. Flowers appear from June to September. In acidic soil, their hue switches to blue.

This particular hydrangea is actually thought to be the “pink” version of the Runaway Bride Hydrangea, which stole the show and earned the “Plant of the Year” title during the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

All in all, a very romantic shrub, a new hydrangea hybrid that will work wonders if you plant it this fall in the ground or in a large pot on a terrace. Part sun is best, and make sure it’s in your line of sight so you can admire its elegance and uniqueness!

Hydrangea paniculata Pastel Green®

This magical hydrangea paniculata won’t stop changing its colors as it blooms from spring to summer!

Rich range of pastel tones

Pastel green colors that shift to pink as time passesFrom June to September, it intensifies its colors, unfurling clusters of white, pink and green flowers that range from very pale to quite intense…

Each conical flower panicle grows pretty large, and as a shrub it will top 5 feet tall and wide (1.5m).

It loves full sun as long as it doesn’t get too hot, but also does well in part shade. In all cases, light soil suits it best. Magnificent at the back of a shrub bed.

Magical Color® Hydrangea

Usually, hydrangeas form dense, large shrubs in the garden. This outlier is a stunner: a single tall stem… that is happiest indoors!

Tree-shape or lollipop growth, for indoors and outside

The Magical Color “Amethyst” and “Revolution” are the first blooming tree hydrangeas that were designed for growing indoors.

Magical hydrangea in tree form in a living roomAvailable in either pink or blue, they change colors as the blooming advances, and reach about 18 to 20 inches tall (45-50 cm).

This short-lived plant ornament will only last about 150 days, from April to August.

No care at all is needed as long as room temperature stays under 22°F/20°C, but if it gets any hotter, it’ll need just a little watering every day to stay fresh.

A miniature blooming tree that’s perfect for the living room!

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Images: Nature & Garden contributor: Magical Hydrangea, Promesse de Fleurs
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