Bonsai is an art of patience and virtue. Learn the tips and tricks to succeed in growing bonsai yourself!

How to grow a Bonsai tree for beginners

The Egyptians were familiar with putting trees in pots to carry them around easily, then the Chinese did it because it looked good, but the Japanese are the people who became the true creators of the art of bonsai.
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Growing Barberry indoors

Although often grown as an outdoor hedge, it’s possible to grow a small barberry shrub inside. Simple care and a few smart
Indoor barberry plants

Transferring a bonsai to a new pot

Your bonsai survives with a delicate balance of soil, air and water. Repotting it is a crucial step and is quite easy if you follow this video. Watering, soil mix, season and timing are presented. Read more ►

Cloud pruning for trees and shrubs

Niwaki – this is the Japanese word for cloud pruning. It’s the act of trimming trees into cloud shapes. An ancestral, elaborate art, this cloud pruning technique was developed to create symbolic spaces,
Magnificent example of a cloud-pruned shrub with 8 to 10 clouds and a silver gray trunk.
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