Layering is possibly the most certain method for reproducing a plant. It works on many species but not all. Details and explanations in these posts.

Propagate lavender with these 100% propagation guidelines

Lavender is a famous Mediterranean plant. Propagating lavender is possible through seed, cuttings, layering (ground and air). In some cases, division of the lavender clump is also an option. Read also: growing lavender Seeds, easy but slow and not always true to form Natural lavender varieties have succeeded in reproducing through seeds over millennia. However, […]
Young propagated lavender shoots

Propagating Dracaena marginata plants: 3 techniques

The dragon plant is a tall plant that’s among the easiest to multiply. Dracaena marginata propagation works with any of these  techniques: beheading, stem cuttings, and layering. You’ll have an unlimited supply! Propagating Dracaena marginata Like all plants of the Dracaena family, the Madagascar Dragon plant propagates through its stems. In the wild, it flowers […]
Dracaena marginata propagation

How to prune a blackberry shrub

Blackberry shrubs are easy to harvest and maintain if they’re pruned well. This video shows how to get it done with a few smart tips to reduce thorns and get bountiful luscious blackberries. Layering, season, timing: Learn more ►
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