Eggplant is a pleasure to see grow: large leaves, healthy fruits, rarely ever a problem… and delicious in so many dishes!

Rotate crops in the vegetable patch

Crop rotation helps generate abundant harvests. It’s also very effective at reducing crop diseases and maximizing nutrient availability for plants.
Crop rotation in a vegetable patch

Spring sowing and planting

There it is! Spring! Rather than cramming to fit everything in a single month, stage your sowing and planting wisely to maximize your harvests and avoid spring burn-out.
Row of onion and strawberry plants

Companion planting in the vegetable patch

Just like humans, vegetables also have friends and foes. Some families stimulate or protect each other. Other families tire each other out and make each other vulnerable. Companion planting is the art of pairing them well!
Raised beds with companion planting

Around the summer vegetable bed

If the summer is hot, watch over the vegetables in the patch and take up these easy and organic habits to ensure you get a proper harvest.
Summer vegetables and tomato care

Planting eggplant, the first steps to start your crop off right

An easy veggie to grow, eggplant is a pleasure to eat as well. With its purple peel and white flesh, the summer-flavored fruit vegetable make our fests a true delight. Discover the most important step to grow this staple vegetable in your patch: planting.
Planting eggplant

White eggplant, different color, taste, feel… same care!

Thanks to a much softer flavor, white eggplant will add a touch of originality to your summer dishes. Discover 3 varieties and how to grow them! To learn more, read: Eggplant: easy care for abundant harvests Eggplant: 6 varieties to savor How and when to prune eggplant? White eggplant: what’s the difference vs purple? The […]
White eggplant varieties

A video on growing eggplant

Eggplant are annual plants in colder climates and this video will help you start at just the right time. Even if you’re in a warm climate zone where it survives as a perennial you’ll still learn a lot about the adequate spacing, soil mix and technique. Read more ►

Spring sowing and planting in the vegetable patch

Spring is a busy season for planting and sowing, busy as in “buzzy” since bees and insects have joined the show in the vegetable patch! You need to clean, sow, repot, transplant, and more if you want to harvest
Rows of lettuce and radish sowed and planted in a spring vegetables patch.

Pruning eggplant, when, why and how

To maximize your crop this summer, remember to prune your eggplant correctly! To get things right, there are a few rules to follow. Let us tell you which ones.
When and how to prune eggplant

Avoiding and treating powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is a fungus that belongs to the Erysiphaceae family and frequently colonizes certain plants. This mold appears in the form of a light velvety white layer or white spots on leaves, which is what makes it immediately recognizable.
Powdery mildew symptoms and treatments
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