Euryops, savanna daisy

Euryops, or savanna daisy, is a yellow-flowered short shrub

Savanna daisy is part of the great Asteraceae family.

Essential Euryops facts

Name – Euryops
Family Asteraceae
Type perennial, shrub

40 inches (1 m)
Exposure full sun
Soil ordinary, drained

Flowering March to November

It presents cute blooming from spring to summer and poses no problem at all in terms of care.

Planting euryops

Planting euryops, savanna daisy

In fall or spring in light and rather rich soil so that you can maximize its cute blooming.

Prefer a sunny emplacement that is protected from winter wind, this will extend the flowering in time.

Propagating euryops, savanna daisy

You can simply proceed to sow directly in the ground or prepare cuttings in spring.

Pruning and caring for an euryops

Cut back lightly after the blooming to renew the vigor of the plant.

Winterizing savanna daisy

If it freezes in your area, opt to grow in pots so that you many bring them indoors in a cool space that is luminous and doesn’t experience freezing.

Elsewhere, simply let it overwinter where it sits.

All there is to know about euryops

Euryops or Savanna daisy has the great advantage of flowering for the most part of the year.

As a sub-shrub, it is quite bushy and its inflorescence is compact and abundant.

Easy to grow, it calls for virtually no care at all, and is perfectly suited to flower beds, edges and pot arrangements, too.

Smart tip about the savanna daisy

The variety called Euryops pectinatus can flower all year round!

Credits for images shared to Nature & Garden (all edits by Gaspard Lorthiois):
Yellow flower by Paul Ma under Pixabay license