Perennial geranium, beautiful and easy to care for

Perennial geranium is a variety that has the advantage of being hardy and thus resists freezing.

General Perennial Geranium facts

Name – Geranium
Family – Geraniaceae
Type – perennial

 – 8 to 24 inches (20 to 60 cm)
Exposure – full sun, part sun
Soil – ordinary, well drained

Flowering – May to September.

Sowing, pruning and caring for it will help you get magnificent flowers all summer long.

Planting perennial geranium

Preferably in fall or spring in a mix that includes geranium-specific soil mix.

Space plants around 8 to 16 inches (20 to 40 cm) apart.

Pruning perennial geranium

Cut back stems after they have flowered in order to trigger production of new flowers and avoid draining your perennial geraniums.

Learn more about the perennial geranium

This perennial comes in a vast array of species and each has distinctive shapes and colors.

An easy plant to grow, it has the advantage of bearing a beautiful blooming and is overall quite well balanced.

In a flower bed or also along edges and in rocky ground, perennial geraniums can serve as excellent ground cover and beautiful garden box specimens.

Smart tip about perennial geranium

You can provide it with geranium-specific organic liquid fertilizer once or twice in the season to increase blooming.