Slate mulch, it highlights flower beds

Slate mulch will make for most striking contrasts together with your plants. Either evoking the harsh weather of Brittany or the immediately charming Japanese garden, it is increasingly used for its ornamental properties and its flat, surface-covering capabilities.

Also a natural source of iron, its gray and sometimes amber color is what makes it radiate a feeling of rough, harsh nature.

This slate mulch is simply perfect for plants that love acidic soil, such as hydrangea, rhododendron or camellia. Long-lasting, it is easy to set up.

Advantages of slate mulch

Slate mulch has many advantages, both as an ornament and from a practical point of view.

  • Avoids sprouting of weeds
  • Reduces watering frequency
  • Very long lasting
  • Surface-covering and unalterable
  • Can’t be blown away

Smart tip about slate mulch

If you want your hydrangeas to bloom in a beautiful blueish tint, mulch its foot with slate.

Slate naturally releases alumina, which changes the flower’s color.