Georges Truffaut rose, a deep rich red bush rose

Rosier Georges Truffaut, Dorkade

The George Truffaut rose has rich red flowers. Light fragrance that isn’t too heady.

Georges Truffaut Rose facts

Name – Dorkade
Family – shrub rose tree
Type – shrub

Height – 40 to 60 inches (100 to 150 cm)
Exposure – full sun, part sun

Soil: ordinary – Foliage: deciduous – Flowering: end of spring → mid-fall

The George Truffaut rose is a lightly fragrant bush rose that bears intense bright red flowers.

Planting the Georges Truffaut rose

Refer to our page on how to plant roses.

Fragrance of the Georges Truffaut rose

Light and subtle, not overbearing but genuinely pleasant.

Pruning the Georges Truffaut rose

Follow our general pruning tips for roses, and we also have a page specific for pruning bush roses.

Learn more about Georges Truffaut rose

Characteristics, size, fragrance of the Georges Truffaut RoseThis rose tree bears magnificent flowers that are 4 to 5½ inches (10 to 14 cm) wide when they unfurl. The dark green of its leaves particularly highlights its flowers.

Pretty hardy, it is disease-resistant. It’s a vigorous grower, so you’ll have to prune it regularly to keep it at a manageable size; on the upside, you can also let it spread and take up more volume!

Smart tip about the Georges Truffaut rose

To boost blooming, give this bush rose fertilizer during the growing season.

Images: CC BY-SA 3.0: Georges Seguin, Pixabay: Petra Fischer