Annapurna rose tree, irresistible

Annapurna rose, a beautiful rose

The Annapurna rose tree is one of the most famous white rose trees.

Key Annapurna rose facts

Name – Annapurna Dorblan
Family – shrub rose tree
Type – repeat-blooming rose

Height – 30-40 in (80-100 cm)   –   Exposure: full/part sun   –   Soil: ordinary

Its large white flowers, its bushy bearing, its vigor and extended blooming make it irresistible – to the point that it’s been awarded many prestigious prizes!

Planting the Annapurna rose tree

Refer to our page on how to plant a rose tree.

Key takeaways:

  • Annapurna rose plantingplant in fall
  • dig a hole out that’s at least 1½ feet deep (40 cm) and nearly 2 feet wide (50 cm).
  • layer fertilizers along the bottom of the hole
  • make sure to bury the root ball so that the collar stays at or slightly above ground level, not below.

Fragrance of the Annapurna rose tree

Touches of violet, very flowery scent.

Learn more about the Annapurna rose tree

Annapurna rose with several stemsThe Annapurna rose tree is currently one of the most sold and most prized rose trees. Several of these prizes were for the flower’s fragrance: it’s truly remarkable!

Its distinctive tall stems, its elongated buds and the exquisite spiraling of its pure white petals in its 4 inch (10 cm) wide flower are what make it recognizable.

Annapurna is quite hardy and thus resists diseases well.

This is a repeat-blooming rose, meaning it will set out new flowers during the entire blooming season.

Smart tip about this rose tree

Over the winter, neutral pH mulch like flax or hemp is recommended to keep it from freezing.

Images: Pixabay: shell_ghostcage, Susanne Jutzeler