Ficus forever, everything you want to know about it

ficus forever

The Ficus forever tree is a magnificent indoor plant and it deserves the greatest care that can be provided.

Focus on Ficus Forever facts

Name – Ficus forever or Ficus Trésor
Family Moraceae (mulberry family)
Type indoor plant

10 feet (3 meters) indoors, 100 feet (30 meters) outdoors
Soil indoor plant soil mix
Exposure bright light but no direct sunlight

Foliage evergreen

Care, pruning, watering and treatment, follow this advice to grow a beautiful Ficus tree and avoid it falling sick.

Learn more about Ficus forever

The Ficus forever is one of the most resistant leaf plants and can live in the wild to grow over 150 years old.

It is appreciated for its aesthetic appeal but also for its highly adaptive survival traits that let it thrive in the most varied settings of our homes, apartments and offices.

Caring for Ficus forever

Ficus forever is selective as regards its exposure, its watering and must be guarded against rapid changes in temperature.

  • It must be set in a luminous room but cannot be exposed to sunlight.
  • Watering is needed when the soil is dry, but not abundantly and always with water at room temperature.
  • Lastly, avoid moving it too often, since this tree needs time to adjust to its new setting.

Diseases or mistakes made in caring

Ficus forever losing its leaves

Quite common for the ficus forever, this is normal as long as leaf loss is regular and not too many are falling.

If your ficus lost its leaves, check that it is well watered, and eventually proceed to topdress the pot.

  • This may also be connected to a change of pots or of place.
  • It may also lack light, in which case you must provide more light to it.

It should quickly bounce back more vigorous than ever.

Ficus forever leaves turn yellow

This is often caused by a mite attack.

  • Simply treat it with organic mite killer sold in horticulture stores.
  • Avoid other chemical products, especially for an indoor plant.

White blisters appear on leaves and get all sticky

This is usually due to mealybugs or scale insects.

Watering Ficus forever

ficusIts preferable to wait for the soil to have dried up before watering again.
Consequently, water on average once a week.

If the air indoors is quite dry or if it is summertime, it’s possible to water more often, but always wait for the soil to have dried up in the surface layer.

Of course, in winter or if surrounding moisture levels are high, you may space the watering somewhat.

Feel free however to mist the leaves on a regular basis, this will increase leafage quality and keep the leaves from drying up.

Pruning Ficus forever

Ficus forever copes with pruning very well.

  • You can prune once a year in any particular season.
    No need to cut the tree back severely, light pruning is enough.
  • It will help the foliage grow more dense and beautiful.

Smart tip about Ficus forever

With a good-sized pot or garden box and regular topdressing, your Ficus forever can grow to reach a magnificent 6 to 10 feet (2 to 3 meters) tall!

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