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Convolvulus, the shrubby bindweed with leaves like silver

Convolvulus is a shrubby bush that bears flowers identical to those of bindweed

Convolvulus is a Mediterranean ground cover plant that helps decorate flower beds, edges, and growing beds.

Key facts to remember

Name – Convolvulus cneorum
Family – Convolvulaceae
Type – perennial

– 16 to 20 inches (40 to 50 cm)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – ordinary

Flowering: May to October

Planting convolvulus

For convolvulus, planting is an important step, because depending on how well it’s done, settling in, growth and blooming as seasons come and go are dramatically impacted.

Sowing convolvulus seeds:

Convolvulus is sown at the beginning of spring, starting in April in climates that are mild and May after the last frost spells anywhere else.

  • Convolvulus requires sun and heat but not too much of it.
  • Sow directly in the ground in soil that drains well.
  • Water regularly but in small amounts after sowing, at least until seeds sprout, and then reduce your watering step by step.

Planting convolvulus:

Planting guide to start convolvulus off wellPlanting for perennial convolvulus is recommended in spring or in fall. It’s a plant that loves growing in the ground, and also in a container to the side of a deck or terrace.

  • As for the sowing, select a very sunny spot.
  • Ensure that the soil drains extremely well, it shouldn’t retain moisture.
  • Water in small amounts after planting and then reduce your watering a little at a time.

Caring for convolvulus

Proper care will help stage the blooming so you have flowers for longerThe ultimate crawling vine, convolvulus tends to spread spectacularly without having much to do.

Convolvulus calls for nearly zero care, and what it fears most is excess water.

To keep the bush compact and make your convolvulus very dense, it’s possible to prune it after the blooming.

Pruning helps convolvulus keep a nice, round shape

Good to know about Convolvulus

Convolvulus, also called shrubby bindweed, silverbush or silver bindweed, is a beautiful plant with silvery foliage. The flowers are very typical, they look very much like those of bindweed, hence the name.

It blooming that lasts from spring to fall offers white flowers that are an almost immaculate white color.

  • Convolvulus is an excellent ground cover plant.
  • Convolvulus is a plant that produces a lot of bee-attracting nectar, which makes it ideal in an orchard.

It’s also a very beautiful flower bush that will decorate your garden from spring to fall.

Smart tip about convolvulus

It’s very easy to preparing cuttings from convolvulus.

Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois):
CC BY 4.0: Juvia Heuchert, Denis Bastianelli
CC BY-NC 4.0: tienlung86, Sandro Bogdanović
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