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Caucasian elm, delicate yellow leaves in fall for a hardy-proof winter

Caucasian elm leaves

Caucasian elm facts

Name – Zelkova carpinifolia
Family Ulmaceae
Type tree

100 feet (30 meters)
Exposure full sun
Soil ordinary

Flowering April

Planting Caucasian elm

Indifferently, in fall or spring.
Follow our guidelines on planting trees.

This is a very hardy tree, down to -10°F (-30°C): it comes from Siberia! Occasionally, it’s called Siberian elm.

Propagation for Zelkova carpinifolia

Caucasian elm seed nutsCurrently, this isn’t a very easy tree to find.

In certain botanical gardens, such as in Dublin, Ireland, the tree will produce seeds.

These readily sprout in spring (you can also ask for a sprout or seed if you visit the garden in the right season).

Pruning Caucasian elm

Large caucasian elm in a cemetery in winter, just before pruningIt doesn’t need any pruning.

If you wish to reduce the size of the tree or cut off lower branches, best to perform this during the dormant phase of the vegetation, in fall or at the end of winter.

All there is to know about the Caucasian elm

This very elegant tree, which has a majestic bearing when it reaches its adult size, is native to the Caucasian mountains.

It is easy to care for and will endow you with wonder in fall when it becomes gilded with luminous golden yellow leaves.

Smart tip about Caucasian elm

During its first years, mulch the foot of the tree in summer to retain soil moisture.

Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois):
CC BY-SA 2.0: Richard Ash
CC BY-NC 4.0: dmarymac
Public Domain: Olive Titus
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