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Andromeda, a 4-seasons shrub

Andromeda is a type of shrub. As a plant, it is magnificent in all seasons

Andromeda is a shrub that stays beautiful from spring to winter thanks to abundant blooming in spring and changing flamboyant hues for the leafage during the rest of the year.

Andromeda facts, a short list

Type – shrub

Height – 10 to 16 feet (3 to 5 meters)
Climate – temperate
Exposure – part sun

Care – light pruning
Foliage – evergreen
Flowering – spring

Soilheath plant

This is one of the plant kingdom’s most ornamental shrubs ever.

Planting andromeda

Andromeda is planted in fall: that’s the best way to ensure proper root development. But it can also be planted up to spring as long as it is well watered.

If purchased in containers, it’s still good to plant in spring, simply remember to water more often at the beginning.

Once in the ground, best spread mineral-based mulch around its trunk so as to not influence ground acidity.

All there is to know about andromeda

Also called “Forest Flame”, this Pieris japonica shrub with bright red and green colors will lend your hedges and shrub beds a particularly eye-catching touch.

Its bunched flowers go from white to red with instances of pink.

They’ll add a very ornamental touch to your garden right at the start of spring.

Smart tip about andromeda

It is recommended to water in case of dry weather.

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