Tulip is certainly the world’s most famous bulb flower. Grow great classics and discover exotic species and varieties!

Tulip bulbs, how to plant and choose them right

Choosing the right bulb for the tulip plant has been, for some, a quest dating back centuries. The aim? Getting that elusive colorful and abundant blooming! True tulip bulb key facts Botanical name – Tulipa Family – Liliaceae Type – flower bulb, true bulb Planting – September to October Soil – light, sandy, draining, rich […]
Tulip bulbs, how to plant and choose them right

First flowers to bloom in spring

After drab winter months, what a joy to see first flowers appear! Fresh bursts of color appear in flower beds, hedges and on taller trees. Here are the first flowers to appear in spring, signaling that finally, the weather has taken a turn for the better.
Barn with blue and yellow spring flowers

Tulip planting, basic steps to get a sea of blooms

Planting a tulip is a common operation, both in the garden and in pots. It goes without saying that with the many splendid varieties and its ease of care, it’s one of the most famous and appreciated flower bulbs of all! Make the most of the tulip’s spring blooming by following the planting guide below.
Planting tulips

Spring garden tasks for each portion of the garden

Spring garden tasks start filling those days as they get longer and nature begins to stir… time for gardeners to get the ball rolling! Fresh sunny days are perfect for gardening after the long winter wait.
Spring garden tasks

Bulbs in clay and flooded soil

Bulbs must be planted in light ground if they are to develop properly. However, the soil of some gardens is clay and often waterlogged during the winter months.
Planting bulbs in clay soil

Planting perennial flowers and tending to them

Perennial flowers are a source of endless joy: not only is planting them and discovering their first bloom enjoyable, but seeing them bloom year after year without any effort is a joy that anticipation makes even more pleasurable! This video shows how to plant them for each perennial flower to get a great head start […]
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