Squash is a fun family to grow. Patience is rewarded as the fruits grow larger and larger… and they’re finally in the stew! Growing and diseases.

Growing squash and gourds easy tutorial – pumpkins, too!

Squash and pumpkins are excellent produce that keep for long in winter if grown properly. This Smart Tip Tutorial is key to learning how easy it is to plant squash successfully for your entire family and neighbors or selling at the market. Season, pests, diseases, spacing, mildew. Learn more ►

Pattypan squash, how to grow flat patisson squash

Patty pan squash, or patisson, is a tasty and cute flat squash variety. Key pattypan squash facts: Latin name: Cucurbita pepo var. ovifera Common name: patty pan, patisson Family: Cucurbitaceae Type: vegetable plant
Pattypan squash, patisson

How to improve cross-pollination

It’s easy to enhance and improve cross-pollination for your target species. These different tips will help you cross-pollinate plants.
improve pollination

Spring sowing and planting

There it is! Spring! Rather than cramming to fit everything in a single month, stage your sowing and planting wisely to maximize your harvests and avoid spring burn-out.
Row of onion and strawberry plants

Growing vegetables on your balcony, give it a try!

Persons living in an apartment also have the right to grow their own vegetables, don’t you think? Actually, you don’t need to have a lot of land to plant seeds or plants. With our tips and tricks you’ll discover how easy it is to have your own vegetable patch on a balcony!
Tomato plant on a balcony with fruits ripening

No-treat vegetable patch: easy peasy

Experiment with companion planting which has by now proven its effectiveness in organic vegetable gardening. It’s easy, all pros and no cons: no treating and less work!
Easy growing for vegetables without even treating
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