Soil is life. Just as much as water and sun, the quality of your soil determines that of all plants growing in it. Identify and increase soil health.

Organic tips for great soil health

Knowing your soil type, delicately working the ground, associating plants and protecting them without using fertilizer or pesticides, all these tips will lead to healthy organic soil.
Healthy soil attracts all sorts of beneficial animals like this robin.

Test your soil pH with plants

Bio-indicator plants help us understand how healthy our soil is, and how it’s changing. Did you know that when it comes to pH, plants are much more reliable than test kits?
Bioindicator plants soil pH

Direct sowing, sowing plants directly in the ground

Whether for vegetables or certain flower species, direct sowing or sowing in the plot is very easy. It takes place in spring, after the last frost has passed. It’s also practiced during summer for the planting of most fall and winter vegetables.
Direct sowing

How to know your type of garden soil

Know your type of soil and you’ll succeed in growing your plants. This will point out how to make it better and which species will fare best.
Sandy soil in a hand, the best way to identify the type of soil.
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