Citrus is a large family with thousands of varieties. The main ones, though, are enough to fulfill every family’s desires!

Citrus varieties, the main types to grow indoors and outside

Bright-colored fruit, packed with vitamins, citrus definitely bring sun and a happy way of life to mind, even at the heart of winter. Today, they’re grown in orchards all over the planet. In temperate climates, only milder regions grow them in fields, but many citrus varieties are grown in potted plants from North to South […]
Citrus varieties on display

Lemon tree, get the watering right, and the harvest will follow the flow!

Watering, for the lemon tree, is an important factor in enabling proper growth as seasons come and go. It plays a key role in blooming, fruit formation, and, consequently, on the lemon harvest. Whatever the season – spring, summer, fall – here are the good practices to follow to correctly match your lemon tree’s water […]
Lemon tree watering guide

Citron, the hand of Buddha

Citron, of which the Buddha’s hand is a variety, is a citrus that produces very original fruits and blooms in a manner much appreciated by perfume makers.
Green Buddha's hand fruit, not yet open.

Potted lemon tree, very convenient!

Potted lemon trees are an excellent citrus to grow at home. Care from re-potting to pruning helps boost lemon harvest and prevents appearance of diseases.
A potted lemon tree with fruits being wheeled out into the sun.
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