Coffee health benefits, a stimulant with nutritious value

Coffee health benefits

Coffee is a drink prepared from the seeds of the coffee tree (Coffea arabica), a shrub with evergreen leaves growing in tropical areas.

It is one of the beverages that is most drunk in the world, and it is credited with many health benefits.

Coffee and its health benefits and therapeutic properties

The African country of Yemen is where coffee was first grown, before spreading to the rest of the Arab world. It arrived in Europe in the XVIth century, where it became one of the most consumed beverages overall.

  • Coffee benefitsCoffee has a beneficial impact on how long one can stay alert and it delays symptoms of tiredness. Also, is contains vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidant compounds.
  • Coffee has stimulating, cardiotonic and diuretic properties. In case of tiredness or if you’re suffering from asthenia, coffee is a good idea.
  • A source of magnesium, coffee is beneficial to the development of the bone structures, tooth health and proper immune system activity.
  • Coffee is also known for its effectiveness in alleviating headaches and migraines. Caffeine influences behavior of blood vessels in the brain and this reduces the intensity and duration of migraines.
  • Coffee also impacts the gall bladder: it is said to have protective properties against gall stone formation. Coffee increases the amount of gastric juices produced and thus activates digestion.
  • If you regularly experience stomach acid, diarrhea, hypertension, heart palpitations or insomnia, refrain from drinking coffee.
  • Coffee also seems to be correlated to protective activity regarding Parkinson’s disease, delaying onset of its symptoms, but the studies on that topic must still be confirmed.
  • Take note that drinking coffee in excessive amounts also negatively impacts the body: restlessness, anxiety, aggressive behavior and insomnia. Excess coffee intake tends to submit the body to a lot of pressure and this also creates an addiction that is hard to set aside.

Use of coffee grounds

Rather than simply throwing your use coffee filter and coffee grounds, recycle them!

  • Recycling coffee groundsSprinkle the coffee grounds at the foot of your plants and rake it into the soil, it is a natural organic fertilizer that will help your seeds germinate and will discourage slugs and snails from visiting!
  • Rub your hands with coffee grounds after you’ve chopped garlic or onions: it will immediately remove those powerful odors.
  • Caffeine is a compound that removes cellulite and also boasts decongestant and remodeling virtues. Mix your coffee grounds with coconut oil and coarse salt: you’ll thus have the perfect exfoliating cream for anti cellulite scrubbing.

Cooking with coffee for its health benefits

Of course, everyone is familiar with that morning cup of coffee, or the expresso after meals to fend off drowsiness. Coffee can be savored much like the finest wines, with many special descriptive words and specific paraphernalia!

Coffee extracts are also used in pastry recipes: creams, cakes, ice cream and macaroons.

Growing coffee for its health benefits

Coffee trees thrive in rich soil, deep and full of humus, as long as it drains well. It requires part-shade exposure in a hot, moist environment. It will make for a nice indoor plant if potted.

Images: Pixabay: Cornelia Gerhardt, Waldemar Bajda, Stocksnap