Tree mallow, long-lasting and beautiful blooming

Tree mallow flowers

Lavatera, the tree mallow is a beautiful perennial that blooms generously for a long time.

Summary of top tree mallow facts

Family – Malvaceae (mallow family)
Type – annual or perennial

Height –
20 to 55 inches (50 to 140 cm)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – ordinary

Foliage –
Flowering – July to October

Easy to care for, it is perfectly suited to balconies, terraces and to the garden.

Planting tree mallow

Planting tree mallowTree mallow is best planted in spring but it can also be planted in fall, especially in areas where the winter climate is mild.

  • Choose a sunny and wind-protected spot.
  • Tree mallow loves well drained soil.
  • Keep a planting distance of 32 inches (80 cm) to 3 feet (1 meter) between tree mallow plants in order for them to have the space they need to develop well.
  • Water regularly after planting, especially if planting in spring.

Propagating tree mallow

This is easy and it is even recommended to multiply your tree mallow so that the base of the plant can be regenerated over the years.

  • Propagate very easily through cuttings in April.

Sowing tree mallow

For annuals, sow in the vegetable patch directly in April and water on a regular basis.

Tree mallow on a terrace or balcony

Potted tree mallowTree mallow adapts perfectly to being grown in pots or garden boxes. Very hardy, it resists low temperatures down to down to 5°F (-15°C).

  • In summer, water as soon as the soil is dry.
  • Add flower plant fertilizer during the year.

Trimming and caring for tree mallow

Watering tree mallow

Although this plant doesn’t require a lot of water, it is important to water it over the 1st year after planting so that roots can develop and the plant can settle in.

Trimming tree mallow

Care for lavateraRemove wilted flowers during the blooming regularly in order to boost flower-bearing.

It is important to prune back short at the beginning of spring to give the plant vigor and avoid it growing too large.

  • Avoid pruning in the fall because this could lead the stump to rot.

All there is to know about tree mallow

A plant with abundant blooming, tree mallow also has the advantage of growing and spreading very fast.

Its flowers tend to bloom repeatedly from the month of June up until the first frost spells.

With its balanced shrubby silhouette, this annual or perennial plant will fit right in among other perennials or shrubs in a flower bed.

Tree mallow grows in the wild in the Mediterranean are, usually on rather poor and rocky ground.

Tree mallow diseases

  • Rust: Brown or tan blisters on the underside of leaves and yellow spots on the topside.

Smart tip about tree mallow

Water this perennial in summer in case of prolonged dry spells or strong heat wave.
Best to water in the evening so that water isn’t lost through evaporation.