Prunus laurocerasus rotundifolia, ideal for hedges

Prunus laurocerasus flowers and branches

Prunus laurocerasus rotundifolia is a shrub as attractive in summer as it is in winter thanks to its evergreen foliage which is dense and shiny.

Prunus laurocerasus rotundifolia facts

NamePrunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’
Family – Rosaceae
Type – shrub

 – 3 to 16 feet (1 to 5 m)
Exposure – full sun to shade
Soil – ordinary

Flowering – April
Foliage – evergreen

Ideal to set up a hedge, it is one of the most commonly used species for that purpose.

Planting Prunus laurocerasus ‘rotundifolia’

You can plant Prunus laurocerasus ‘rotundifolia’ (a special variety of cherry laurel) from October to March with a preference for fall in order to speed root development up before winter.

In the hedge, place the base of each stem at least 32 inches (80 cm) to 3 feet (1 meter) apart.

  • Prunus laurocerasus ‘rotundifolia’ prefers locations with high exposure to sunlight.
  • It tolerates any type of soil.
  • Look up our advice on planting shrubs.

Pruning Prunus laurocerasus ‘rotundifolia’

Prune your Prunus laurocerasus ‘rotundifolia’ in spring and in fall.

It is a shrub that can bear pruning well, even heavy pruning.

  • In hedges, if you want to restrict its growth, opt to prune annually in fall, as the sap descends.
  • The more you prune in spring, the more your shrubs will grow quickly and vigorously.
  • Refer to our guidelines on how to correctly prune shrubs.

Learn more about Prunus laurocerasus ‘rotundifolia’

Prunus laurocerasus ‘rotundifolia’, also often called cherry laurel, numbers over 200 species.

It is hardy and adapts perfectly to hedges of any shape thanks to its dark green and opaque foliage and unique white flowers.

Smart tip about Prunus ‘rotundifolia’

Better to prune well at the end of the season, so as to keep the spring blooming intact.

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