Wild cherry tree, cherries for the birds

Wild cherry tree

Wild cherry is a very beautiful wild tree that is known for its wood and fruits.

Wild cherry tree short facts list

Name – Prunus avium
Family Rosaceae
Type tree

Height 16 to 40 feet (5 to 12 meters)
Exposure full sun
Soil humus-rich, well drained

Foliage deciduous – Flowering Spring

Pruning and care take a large part in supporting wild cherry tree growth and blooming.

Planting wild cherry

It is recommended to plant the wild cherry tree in fall, before the first frost spells, to give it time to develop roots.

If you plant your wild cherry in winter, proceed only if it doesn’t freeze.

Just like most trees that have been purchased in pots or containers, it’s possible to wait for spring and summer to transplant it, if you avoid hot spells.

If this is the case, it will be necessary to water regularly over the first few months after planting.

  • Wild cherry loves humus-rich and well drained soil, so try to avoid emplacements that suffer from drought.
  • Wild cherry also tolerates acidic or alkaline soil (chalky).
  • It loves locations with a rather high exposure to sunlight.

Care and pruning of wild cherry

wild cherry fruitAs for all the trees of the Prunus family, pruning isn’t recommended.

Thus, the only pruning that is really important is the removing of dead and weak wood.

  • Prune preferably in winter, when the tree is at rest.
  • Don’t cut anything other than dead or diseased branches.
  • Apply pruning paste for the largest branches.

Learn more about wild cherry

merisierAlso called sweet cherry or gean, this tree is native to Europe, West Asia and North Africa. The European name for it, “Merisier” comes from the latin root “Amarus cerasus” which means “bitter cherry”.

The wild cherry tree is absolutely magnificent. It prettifies the beginning of spring with abundant flowers in hues of white and pink. This period, although quite short, will turn your garden into a colorful space and announces the return of spring.

Wild cherry is more often than not cultivated for its fruits or its wood, which furniture makers appreciate.

Wild cherry is savored either as jam or in spirits.

Smart tip about wild cherry

Avoid places that are too exposed to wind so that the fragile blooms aren’t swept away too soon!