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Orchid symbols, what is the meaning of the orchid flower?

Meaning and symbols of orchids

The orchid symbolizes many different things, and its meaning depends on both the species and the color of its flowers. First of all, in Ancient Greece, the orchid was a symbol of fertility and virility. Later on, it became linked to beauty, power, and wealth during the Victorian era.

Today, people give it many meanings: fertility, love, joy, beauty, and also luxury… Moreover, the different meanings of orchid make this unique flower the perfect gift!

Meanings of orchid for each species

There are many species and varieties of orchid, and each one has its own meaning and symbol.

Meaning of Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis meaning symbolThe butterfly orchid is certainly the most famous species of all.

Phalaenopsis symbolizes all the following:

  • elegance;
  • feminity;
  • attachment.

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What does the Vanda orchid symbolize?

Vanda orchid flower meaningThe Vanda genus includes over 70 different orchid species, which look quite similar to those of Phalaenopsis.

The Blue Vanda orchid in particular symbolizes:

  • peace;
  • harmony;
  • and purity.

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Dendrobium meaning

Dendrobium symbolismDendrobium, also called the bamboo orchid, is named after the ancient Greek words

  • “dendron” and
  • “bios”

which mean “tree” and “life”.

The bamboo orchid symbolizes:

  • purity;
  • and love.

Meaning of the Cymbidium orchid

What does the cymbidium orchid meanCymbidium is a remarkable, unique family of orchids: it has short, stocky stems and blooms with impressive clusters.

Cymbidium orchid is a symbol of:

  • morality;
  • virtue;
  • respect and friendship (especially in Asia).

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Paphiopedilum orchid meaning

What does giving a paphiopedilum orchid mean?The root words for the Paphiopedilum orchid are “Paphos”, the town in Cyprus where the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the seas, and the ancient Greek word for sandals, “pedilion”.

Indeed, Venus slipper’s represents eroticism.

Note: this flower is often offered between lovers.

What is the meaning of the Zygopetalum orchid?

Meaning of the Zygopetalum orchid flowerZygopetalum is a genus with elegant orchids that have an extraordinary fragrance. They come in a wide range of colors.

Since 1880, the Zygopetalum orchid symbolizes the “link between people who are meant to be soul mates”.

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Meanings of orchids by color

What does a blue orchid mean?

Blue orchid symbolBlue orchids are the rarest. They thus represent rarity, and also hope, purity, peace and harmony.

They’re a perfect gift for a loved one, a friend, or a nice colleague. The blue orchid is also a great gift when trying to reconcile.

Note: in some cases, a blue orchid can be a symbol of an impossible love.

Meanings of white orchids

White orchid meaningUsually very delicate, white orchids represent both pure love and joy. White orchids make excellent gifts for your spouse, to express the purity and joy that your love inspires.

That’s also the reason white orchids are often included on special occasions like wedding and anniversary celebrations. They appear in the floral decorations of the venue, as table centers, and in the bride’s flower bouquet as well.

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Meanings of pink and purple orchids

Pink and violet orchids symbolize love. You would gift them to the person you intend to share your feelings of love with.

More specifically:

  • pink orchids are connected to fondness and don’t only reflect romantic love;
  • purple orchids are an expression of wisdom and knowledge.

What do yellow orchids mean?

Yellow orchid gift meaningYellow orchids reflect the sun: they’re symbols of energy, good vibes, intensity and a pleasant mood.

These, too, are connected to humor and joy, and they’re the perfect gift for your partner. They demonstrate a long-lasting relationship, be it love or friendship.

Images: dreamstime: Studio Grand Web; Pixabay: Diana Cherry, Chesna, Silvia Gamsjäger, Hans Braxmeier, Hartono Subagio, JacLou DL, James DeMers, Nadine Doerlé, NiAKi
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