Blue fescue is a cute little grass.

Easy to care for, it doesn’t require any pruning and it gives us a beautiful hue for an ornamental flower bed.

A summary of what there is to know:

Name: Festuca glauca
Family: Poaceae
Type: perennial, grass

: 12 to 20 inches (30 to 50 cm)
Exposure: full sun
Soil: ordinary

: evergreen
Flowering: June to July

Planting Blue fescue:

Plant preferably in fall or spring.

Avoid periods of freezing to plant, and water regularly during the first weeks after planting, to ensure proper root growth.

Propagate through crown division in fall or spring.

Caring for blue fescue:

Care is very easy and blue fescue doesn’t require any care at all, except perhaps for watering during sweltering heat and in the first few weeks after planting.

Adaptive to soil types with a great diversity of compositions, blue fescue is hardy and fears practically no disease at all.

Pruning it isn’t required, because blue fescue quickly reaches its mature size, and simply keeping it in its natural shape is how it looks nicest.

All there is to know about blue fescue:

A very cute grass, blue fescue has the advantage of offering very beautiful foliage with steel blue hues, persisting in all seasons.

Growing it is very easy and it requires practically no care.

Today, it is one of the favorite grasses for garden decoration and appeals to many with its rarely seen blue tones.

Smart tip about blue fescue:

Pairing grasses with mineral mulch is an instant success.

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